The company of ERNSTPROFIL was established in 1993 in Fiľakovo, Slovakia. Back then, it had 11 employees. The increasing production of thin-walled cold-rolled steel profiles for plastic windows led to the decision to move the company to Lučenec in 1995. Since then, ERNSTPROFIL has been producing its portfolio of products at its current location. And the portfolio keeps expanding each year. At present, it covers more than 250 different products. We are a reliable and competent long-term partner to our customers in the field of producing profiles for construction industry, furniture making industry, electric industry etc. We supply part of our products to the domestic market, but most of our production is being exported to other EU markets.

Our cutting lines, rolling lines, eccentric presses, bending machines of asymmetric profiles, CNC burning and metalworking machines and other various technological equipment for development and production of tools allow us to respond quickly to the individual demands of our business partners. As one of the main goals of the company is to keep up with the pace of growth, it was necessary to implement systems in the field of control support and increase of quality. Therefore, we introduced a quality management system in 2008.

In 2018, we received an ISO 28000 certificate, as well. This international norm specifies the requirements for a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance of the supply chain.

At present, thanks to our 80 highly-skilled employees, our company is a key producer of rolled profiles in Slovakia. As it had been necessary to get closer to our customers on the Hungarian market, in 2013, we established our subsidiary of Profil Market Hungária Kft. there, with 100% of the business share held by our company. Our reliable quality and optimal geographic location in central Europe help us find our footing in tough international competition.

Our philosophy
ERNSTPROFIL and production
We constantly innovate our equipment and look for ways to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We expand our production based on the needs of the market, increase the quality and precision of our production by input, inter-operation, and final inspections. Rationalisation, automation and increased efficiency of our production processes – this is how we got where we are now.
ERNSTPROFIL and its suppliers
We monetized on our years of experience and work only with reliable partners who supply materials on a high-quality level and are able to provide customer service even at very specific needs of our clients. We appreciate long-term and correct relationships, supported by flexibility, meeting the deadlines of supply and quality level expected from our suppliers, as well as exact management of warehouse stockpile and in-time payments made to our suppliers.
ERNSTPROFIL and its customers
It is our philosophy to approach our customers individually and address their needs, present and propose construction and technological solutions, and deliver the required products in time and on a high-quality level. We consider ourselves a stable and reliable partner and have the favour of our customers to prove it.
ERNSTPROFIL and its employees
One of our priorities is to have a stable team of employees, to provide optimal working conditions for them, and to motivate them to work responsibly and in compliance with our quality standards. It is also important that they continue growing, so we invest in various education activities, trainings and courses. By expanding our production capacity continuously, we help reduce the unemployment rate in our region. We also employ handicapped persons where the job position allows it.
Environment protection
Despite the engineering production being demanding in material and energy, we protect the environment as much as we can.

We care about the world we live in and what world we leave for our children. We consider it our obligation to be responsible in this matter and look for new ways how to protect the environment even more. In our everyday business and production decisions, we always take potential harm to the environment into account.

We comply with all valid legislation and regulations in this area and we keep trying to do even more than expected in terms of environment protection.

Our employees are trained in and aware of the environment protection measures in our company and they recycle and save energy to contribute to our shared environment goals.

Recycling is a normal part of our day. When purchasing material, we always look for ways to reduce the share of non-degradable substances and non-recyclable materials.

Over the last years, we applied available mechanisms to reduce the input plastic to a minimum.

Implementing energy management, we have been able to efficiently manage and reduce energy consumption. We understand that not all the natural resources are renewable. In general, we purchase green energy from renewable sources. Thanks to that, in 2014, we were able to reduce our CO2 production by 80%.

Commitment of the organisation management:
The quality policy is binding document for the management of the company. We commit to follow it at our work and development of our activities. We commit to the objective of leading our organisation towards continuous development. We shall always try satisfying the needs of our customers and other stakeholders. We shall always try fulfilling the requirements placed on the products and improve their quality on a gradual basis. The top management commits to secure all the resources necessary for the organisation to operate and to support continuous improvement. We want to become an attractive organisation for our customers, cooperating with us thanks to our reputation and complex services we provide.
Profile of the organisation:
  • locksmithing, metalworking, manufacture of tools
  • construction of machines with mechanical drive
  • Main principles of our quality policy:
    • it is our objective to stabilise our company on the market and to secure conditions for its further development
    • active leadership – declaration of the objectives of the company, inspections thereof by the management, establishing working environment marked by mutual trust, providing opportunities for employees to work actively and improve
    • process-oriented approach – defining the main processes and the owner of the processes, systematically measure the capacities and efficiency of the processes, and analyse the results of the processes
    • precise and exact definition of responsibility and authority of the employees at the individual job positions
    • constant satisfaction of the needs of external and internal customers
    • active engagement of all employees in gradual improvement of quality
    • internal quality goals are being measured and improved continuously
    • management of the company establishes conditions for flawless work of all employees
    • implementation of latest trends at reaching high level of process and product quality
    • efficient communication and teamwork at application of process-oriented approach of the quality management system in the company
    • universal education of employees with the objective to follow the current global trends
    • motivation by the management and differentiated rewards for job related results
    • development of infrastructure and use of IT technologies in order to provide the requested quality to the customers as soon as possible
    • continuous improvement – of the performance of the company and of the product quality – introducing new features of current products, creation of new products, improvement of internal environment, and of communication; and
    • acknowledging responsibility for the products and providing contractual warranties to customers.
    about us

    In order to secure continuous improvement of all activities, we focus not only on quality, but also management, elimination, and prevention of risk related to the supply chain, and we acquired an ISO 28000 certificate in security of the supply chain.

    The purpose of this standard is to provide a framework of best practices with the objective to reduce the risks for people and costs within the supply chain. The standard deals with potential security issues at all stages of the supply process, in particular, in logistics, focusing on threats, like terrorism, fraud, and piracy. It also focuses on mitigation of impacts of security incidents.

    As we focus on correct energy management, we also use its mechanisms in our company, and gradually apply it in all areas.

    The energy management system is a powerful tool for all types of companies in efficient management and change of situation in energy consumption. By implementing this system, energy management has become an integral part of organisational structures of our company.

    Security Management Policy